Al Balagh-L&T JV

“Al BALAGH - L&T JV understands the vision and requirement of the Al Rayyan Stadium and Precinct project and commits the best of their efforts to achieve the set goals. The brief scope of work for this project is as – “Design, construction and completion of, and rectification of defects in the Main Construction Works for Al Rayyan Stadium and Precinct. The Works shall also include the works required for the design (where applicable), construction and completion of the Energy Centre required for the purposes of the Al Rayyan Stadium and Precinct (Energy Centre Works)” as referred in Letter of Award, however, the Energy Centre works are mentioned as a provisional sum items.

The project, titled as – Al Rayyan Stadium and Precinct project, is a Design and Build contract for a 40,000 seat Air-conditioned Stadium, Precinct having car parks, internal roads, detention tanks, etc. and Energy Centre. The works are slated to be complete by 2019. The Precinct and Stadium is slated to achieve a minimum rating of four (4) stars under the Global Sustainable Assessment System (GSAS).”