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AG Middle East is a landscape and irrigation services company, involved in the construction, improvement and maintenance of commercial and government properties in Qatar since 1976. We design, install and maintain distinctive and attractive landscapes, uniquely suited to individual needs – from villa gardens to public parks and beautification projects. Among the many projects executed by us are - the prestigious Qatar Foundation-Golf Course, Doha 2006 Asian Games Village Hard & Soft Landscaping Works Project, The Doha Golf Course, The Doha Corniche Beautification ( East and West Verges) and the West Bay Lagoon.

Landscaping Works. A team of highly motivated personnel, cutting-edge technology, and quality workmanship ensures that AG Middle East maintains its leading position in the industry, and that client expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Middle East works the environment – bringing elegance and order to the natural world by design. It partners with leading companies for water-conserving irrigation products and tools – and has been involved in the creation of parks, recreation centers, causeways, palace gardens, golf courses, equestrian race tracks and sport fields. Where specifically blended products ensure a healthy, environmentally-friendly landscape.